Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey Look! A Blog!

This is the first and greatest blog ever. Ok, maybe it will just be the greatest first blog ever. So like, it won't be the best blog, but when it comes to first blogs, it is the greatest. There.

For starters: This blog is brought to you by Liam Beast and Ferth Rawrly. And Liam's awesome jacket.

Non-womanly Civil War/Awesome Jacket.
Isn't it a lovely jacket! Ferth thinks it to be a woman jacket, or something like a civil war thing. But Liam disagrees, and thus will wear it consistently.
Now we shall discuss...Style.

Ferth: So, this is basically the only time in the whole history of the whole fudge brownie universe that there are no styles. Like, you can wear whatever the flip you want. No one cares. Take Liam here for example. His little back to the future jacket. the orange an blue one. Ohhhhhh dear.... yet he still has friends.

Liam: Please note: In Back to the Future, Marty actually wears a vest over his blue denim jacket-ish shirt thing. He does not actually have one jacket that has all that on it. Just thought I would clarify that.

Anyway. Style. Yes.

Ya know, it's funny, style is like one of those big water pumping things. It's just a big circle that keeps pumping the same stuff over and over.


10-15 years ago, corduroy was very much in style. About a year ago, you wear corduroy and people think you just stepped out of a time machine that was made in the 60's. But just the other day, I randomly saw a couple random bits of corduroy on people. It's coming back. I'm pumped.
In fact, quite soon I will be wearing a corduroy v-neck if possible.
Actually, I heard about this kid at High School who wore a tye-dye shirt and corduroy jeans his whole senior year. I will look up to that man forever.
Ferth: Umm.. so the corduroy v-neck.. uhh... i doubt that would be.. like.. possible... but whatever cooks your liver! So yes but today, I saw some random girl walking down the hall wearing a tu tu and brightly colored knee-high socks. No one gave her a second look. It was just normal. The world is.... messed.... Yup. and then. Fail. Bye.